Bandida welcomes players

Bandida welcomes players

The elusive Bandida welcomes players to release her from her Cell in this rather unusual video slot. Play this most wanted game and help the cute Bandida steal her way through to an escape. There are three features to contend with and some rather unique ways of getting through them. Also part and parcel of this Criminal Act is the Wild. The wild substitutes for all symbols other than the Bandida and Sheriff.

Criminal Record feature

Bandida start off her criminal career as a rookie. Each time a Rookie Wanted Sign appears on the reels she collects them to improve her skills. This she continues to do until she becomes the “Most Wanted”. In order to get to this position, there are a number of these Rookie Wanted signs needed. Each time she changes her state.

The Bandida State changes when the WANTED symbols are collected in the following manner.

• 34 WANTED Symbols takes her from Rookie to Pickpocket
• 102 WANTED Symbols takes her from Pickpocket to Robber
• 260 WANTED symbols takes her from Robber to Most Wanted

How the features play out

1. From Rookie she becomes a Pickpocket and Bandidas Way Feature is activated.
2. From Pickpocket to Robber and the Bandidas Way Feature + 2x multiplier is activated.
3. From Robber to Most Wanted and the Bandidas Way Feature + Jailbreak Free Spins is activated.

Bandidas Way Feature

3 Bandida symbols vertically on reel 1 will see this escape artise of note steal all the top symbols in view. When finished this task you will notice that she has replaced them with her very own Banida Symbol creating a winning combination

Bandidas Way Feature Plus 2x Multiplier

3 Bandida symbols vertically on reel 1 will also see these symbols replaced by Bandida herself. Only this time you will also have a 2x multipliers activated for some more aweseome winning combinations.

Bandidas Way Feature and Jailbreak Free Spins

When this feature is activated with 3 Sheriff symbols landing in a verticle position on reel 5 you receive 10 Free Spins

During the Free Spins you will see Bandida under arrest waiting for her 9 year sentence to end. With every spin the sentence decreases by 1 year until all time has been served. It is at this point Bandida is freed. Should she collect 10 Bail Symbols earlier, she will be released earlier.