Caveman Bob

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Caveman Bob

Going back beyond the Ice Age, Caveman Bob is ready to take you on an adventure with some unique friends of his. Caveman Bob is a 5 reel x 20 Pay line video slot featuring three different environments for players to unlock as they travel from location to location.

The cave, oasis and mountain stages offer varied levels wild features with Bob’s Wheel of Fortune, the humorous Hand of Bob and Mammoth Re-spins.
Caveman Bob Features.

There’s no free spins bonus in Caveman Bob. Instead, it comes with 3 randomly triggered Shared Features. They’re called “shared” since they can be triggered on any spin irrespective of your current location.

Hand of Bob

Once this feature is triggered, the least valuable symbol visible on the reels will be converted to a higher symbol. This repeats until a win bigger than the original win has been created and can continue.

Mammoth Respin

When this feature is triggered, a respin is awarded. During this respin the majority of the Mammoth symbols will be colossal symbols. These colossal are in 3 sizes – the biggest is a 4×4 colossal almost covering the entire reel set. The colossal symbols available are dependent on your location at that time. The Oasis Symbol is a 2×2 colossal. Your Cave Symbol has both a 2×2 and 3×3 colossal Symbol. Last but not least the Mountain Symbol offers all three combinations of the Colossal Symbols.

Bob’s Wheel

For this feature you will be rewarded with one spin on Bob’s multiplier wheel with a chance to win up to 50 times your total stake.


There are three locations that are offered in this game and each one is different from the other in terms of features. Initially, however, all locations but the Cave will be inaccessible. In order to unlock locations, you have to properly explore those that are available to you first. Once you have unlocked all three locations, you will be able to move freely between them as you desire. Each location comes with a random wild feature.

1. The Oasis – the place where Bob goes hunting. If he catches fish, one of the three previously mentioned shared features are activated. Randomly triggered, Fire Embers fly on to the reels and act as Spreading Wilds. which can go on to give you a cluster of up to 13 wilds.
2. The Cave – Bob’s home from home and the place where it all begins. Bob is terrorised by a tireless hog which when caught triggers one of the three shared features. At random, between 1 and 5 Stalactites may also land on the reels and transform into Fully Stacked Locked Wilds.
3. The Mountain – Here you will find Bob being targeted by a giant bird. Should he be lucky enough to catch one of its nutritious eggs then one of the three shared features is triggered. A wild blizzard may also hit from time to time triggering the Random Wilds feature. which can give you anywhere between 3 and 15 randomly positioned wilds.

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