Gambling Culture Worldwide

Gambling is a big part of the culture in many areas around the world. Especially around the holidays, and marketing teams have found out that combining the two makes for a winning formula. Online gambling has been on the rise in many countries, it is a phenomenon that world governments and even religion hasn’t been able to stop. Since the birth of the internet, gambling has become increasingly popular in not only Europe, the United States, China, Macau, but also the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka as well as many other countries.

One may ask how online casinos became so popular, well the answer is actually very simple. Since the beginning of time people has been gambling, it is human nature to take chances and hope for a positive outcome. Some may say it is also human nature to capitalize on human nature. Not long ago casino destinations where filled with resident artists, all kinds of shows, awarded architecture, and quality restaurants. Attractions that were desirable not only to gamblers but that would appeal to their entire families. So it was only a matter of time before someone brought this sought after activity into the homes of individuals worldwide, known today as online gambling.

Global Phenomenon

As gambling is an activity that has existed worldwide for a long time now, the development of technology and legislation simply allowed it rise to another level. In fear of missing out, many land based casinos have increased their offerings in an attempt to compete with online casinos.

The importance of gambling these days should not be dismissed. It is certainly not by many big businesses as people around the world spend billions on recreation, and casino destinations have a heavy influence on holiday locations. Many land based casinos are paired with family fun entertainment, allowing many enthusiasts to pick a family friendly gambling destination.

Places to go

Vegas has made a name for gambling thanks to their lights and glamor and has created the concept of gambling holidays appear and flourish. However, let us exclude Vegas, as there are many other places where we can gamble and have fun with family-friendly activities too.


The time when gambling was illegal in Singapore is not just a distant memory in the past. Presently, the country has two very popular casinos that not only answer to the demand of the nearby Chinese population, but also to the demand of tourists. The most remarkable casino is a city landmark; it is the Marina Bay Sands. Its architecture makes it one of the most impactful buildings in the world, and the casino has been open since 2010. The costs of building this casino and hotel infrastructure were a stunning $4.6 billion, so we can imagine how luxurious it is. Apart from the typical casino games and attractions, we also have specific Chinese games that cannot be found outside of Asia, a shopping mall, and a lotus flower shaped science museum. More than enough reasons to visit Singapore.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is more than likely the most famous gambling destination in the world, a different style from Vegas. Monte Carlo is known for being the world’s most romantic gambling destination. Combining the two aspects will certainly make this the ideal destination for a gambling vacation, ideal for honeymoons and romantic getaways where there is something for everyone. You will find a number of hotels near the casino and while the prices are high, it is certainly a worthy experience for a special occasion.

Sun City, South Africa

We can call Vegas, Monte Carlo, and even Singapore traditional gambling experiences, but when going to South Africa one may experience something completely different. South Africa has many casinos, and in order to make itself more appealing, Sun City has made their attractions more diverse, which means there is plenty to do there. Apart from casino games, they have an award-winning waterpark and golf course, animated nightlife, including top-level restaurants. To make it even more engaging, the resort hotels in Sun City are located within nature reserves, setting you directly in the middle of nature while enjoying all that entertainment.

In South Africa, the most popular forms of gambling are slot machines, table games, and scratch cards. Over the years, gambling of all forms continues to increase the revenues for the country, growing rapidly each year. Today, there are several casinos in South Africa which give players an exhilarating experience. In addition to land-based casinos, players will have the opportunity to play other fun games for money such as sports betting and more.

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