Gambling Rules

When it comes to gambling rules, the gambler must understand why there are rules in the first place. Internet Casino gamblers and gamblers that play in brick and mortar casinos are all vulnerable to become addicted to gambling. For some people this may mean spending a little bit too much money, for others though it may mean financial ruin and the breaking up of a family. This is something that you want to avoid above all else. Here are our 5 golden gambling rules to help those who wish to participate in the gambling world:

5 Golden Gambling Rules

  1. Budget – as normal people and not “millionaires”, the majority of us do not have unlimited funds. What you have to do when you are playing is create a monthly budget that you know you can afford to spend on gambling. Every time you play you need to deduct the amount you lose off that budget. If you win then you are allowed to play your winnings if you choose. If you happen to be losing too fast, moderate your speed of play so that you can make the money last, and above all else do not compromise your budget because this is when you get into trouble.
  2. Emotion – as stated above stay to your budget at all times. If you happen to lose, don’t get upset, accept it with grace because it is going to happen more often than not. What you have to avoid while gambling is getting angry and then throwing more money away in an effort to try to make up for what you lost. This is the single most destructive mood you can ever get into because thinking this way will not only kill your budget but it is basically throwing good money after bad.
  3. Alcohol – we wrote above about controlling your emotions. Your emotions and your rationale will be impaired if you play while you are under the influence of alcohol. Playing when drinking is a recipe for waking up the next morning and wondering why you don’t have any money left. If you are going to drink then you will be better off playing a game of solitaire; it will save you money and a headache.
  4. Can’t lose systems – these days you get so much spam mail it’s not funny. All too often though soeone will send you a mail claiming that you cannot lose. They will promote a system to beat roulette, blackjack, video poker, or slots. They will tell you that statistically you have to win. I have bad news for you, the casino owners are generally well qualified with degrees and so forth. They can work with a calculator. The fact is, you cannot win at all, certainly not at the casinos expense. Whatever you win will only be a result of someone elses losses. The casino does not lose. It simply is not possible. Read the reviews of our online casinos then visit them, they usually have audit reports showing results. You will never see a game paying 100% or more. It is always less than that. That is the casinos winnings!
  5. Winners know when to stop – this is strongly tied into the motive of greed. On many different occasions, a player wins a tidy sum but instead of seeing it as money for the holiday or a few months rent, the players inflates it, dreaming of the possibilities; what if I could buy a new house, or a new car (or something like it). So what they do is play on, and when they lose (which they almost always do) they do so with the knowledge that they have won before, they throw away all of their winnings and much more besides that. This is possibly the most destructive pattern because it is very easy to be caught up in dreams and lost in reality.

Gamble with the best odds

When you have your budget, play the games with the best strategy, use the calculated odds to give yourself the best opportunity to win. That is as much as you can do, nothing more. Did you know that most casino software has an expert play function that will help you decide on the best hand to play in Video Poker games? Often, players throw away the odds by playing haphazardly. The software engine will guide you to hold what you should hold to get the best results. Read our video poker guide and find out more about where to play with the best odds.

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