Respect your online casino

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Why should you respect your online casino?

Respect your online casino if you want them to respect you. I was raised to respect others if I wanted them to respect me. Kind of like earning trust I suppose. Here are some guidelines we think you should follow:

  1. An online casino is a business, the same as any other business. It has an owner, it has staff, and people spend their money there for a specific purpose.
  2. If it were a shop, would you open multiple accounts simply to get a special discount offer? More importantly, would you do this if it were specifically noted as being against the rules?
  3. If the shop keeper asks you to honor their rules, would you go out in public and destroy their name if you were the one that broke the rules, betrayed the trust?
  4. The point of this discussion is that an online casino uses bonuses to offer you, the player, something extra as a promotional item. That promotion has conditions. Observe the rules or expect to be taken to task.
What about the brick and mortar casino?

Even your traditional brick and mortar casino has rules. Do a bit of Google research on card counting and blackjack. This is in effect using mathematical logic to keep track of the cards already played which in turn changes the probability of the next card being of a high or a low value. Done properly, card counting turns the odds of winning into the players favour, because blackjack is a very low margin game for the casino. Many people with VERY good brains have been asked to leave a casino, many are banned, and what is more, the casinos know how to spot them.

You have to accept that the online casino is a business with a profit motive. It is not foundation to redistribute the casino owners personal wealth to the players. I reckon we all see that.

Cheaters do not prosper

So, if you are going to cheat, expect to be found out. Our experiences over the last 21 years has shown that the casino is in the right far more than it is in the wrong. Yes, there are greedy owners. They get found out rather quickly though. Their businesses do not last. You need patrons who believe in you to actually go the distance.

SilverSands Online Casino – Online for over 15 years
Trust your online casino if they have the years under their belt.

But, on that point that there are greedy owners, they must then be aware that their casino will be subjected to scrutiny by hundreds of players. They will be subject to inspection by players who are in fact "under cover". Evidence will be presented and they will be hurt. Their investment in the software, the setup, the website development and the advertising, these costs will all be lost before they can ever recoup them. Their names will be mud in an industry that is close. Try operating in a heavily regulated industry and you will find that working together is the best way to survive. Sharing experiences, problems, and importantly, sharing solutions is the way things go. If a casino owner decides to cheat, they will be found out.

So, respect your online casino but to the owners out there, respect your punters too…

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