Basic Card Odds & Probabilities

Before you’re ready to throw-down with the big players in the best online casino out there, you need to sit down and do your homework. Your maths homework anyway.

Having a good head for numbers is vital if you’re hoping to make a profit of your game, and nowhere is this more important than the card table. Whether you’re playing Blackjack, Poker or even Baccarat, the limitations that are intrinsic in a 52-card deck gives you an advantage as a player of being able to predict the probability of certain cards coming up.

Of course, this isn’t always going to circumvent the house edge so it’s hardly going to make you Rain-man, but knowing the odds will help you make wiser decisions when gaming. That’s where this infographic comes in- going over the basics of card probability and the barebones of calculations necessary, it talks about what you need to know in order to do your own figures too!

The key sum you need to know here is 1/52, as there are 52 cards in the deck the odds of getting any one card is that. Most other calculations will spring from that too, as you’ll see in this infographic!

Basic Card Odds Probabilities

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