Online gambling

Online gambling is one of those things that has taken the world by storm. There are now thousands of real money gambling sites operating globally. Punters can find their favourite type of real money gaming online. The options are many. They include card games, video gambling, sports betting and even speciality games like keno.

While now the term online casino gambling is used to refer to internet gambling this is not the case. Online gambling is the act of placing a real money bet remotely. When this definition is used then we discover that the very first online gambling took place hundreds of years ago in China.

The First Online Gamblers

The Chinese were the first people to participate in remote gambling. This is when they invented the world’s first lottery. The lottery system was run by the Han Dynasty in order to raise money for wars and also to fund the expansion of the great wall.

Pigeons were used during the period to carry the notes that had the winning numbers. However, gambling was outlawed and with it any innovations that could have improved online gambling. This was the first critical blow to hit online gambling or remote gambling.

Latest Forms of Remote Gambling

Today we want our things to be a little faster. This is only natural as our technology allows us to demand that we get speed. As much as there is all this tech to push online gambling it suffered another major setback in 2006.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed in America and outlawed internet gambling. This was a specific online gambling legal law that targeted internet gambling. The industry was brought to its knees again.

But, this time things were different. The world had developed into a global village. Although the biggest market had been wiped out the casino operators could still offer their games on chance in other regions. The result was that the industry thrived. People in other regions embraced online gambling quickly and now it is one of the highest earning industries in the world.

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