Beginners Guide to Gambling Online

Need a Beginners Guide to Gambling Online?

Our beginners guide to gambling just briefly skims over the world of online gambling. You need a sound internet connection to get the best out of the casino. Current connectivity is good though so the overall experience is excellent. You need to determine if you are a legal visitor to the casino, poker room, or sports book. You will be familiar with most of the criteria. They won’t accept players under the age of 21 and many won’t accept players from countries where online gambling is not legal. Be aware, online gambling is not legal in the USA. Only some aspects are legal in South Africa while others are not. In South Africa you can bet on sports and many of the sports books have the required South African Gaming credentials.

Practical deposit ideas

Having found the website you want to visit and having determined you are legal, the final requirement is money, either a credit card or direct deposits. Be aware that Credit Cards can often be used for deposits BUT you cannot withdraw to them. Local deposits by way of bank transfers are the quickest and easiest. E-Wallets like NETeller are also a viable option. The Casinos provide you with detailed information about the banking options on their pages. If you are betting in your home currency, there is a chance that the casino might accept direct transfers via internet banking. That is a plus so look out for those opportunities.

Talking about currencies, this beginners guide to gambling focuses on online casinos offering play in South African Rand’s. If you are a visitor from South Africa then beware. The law says you can only place bets at places where a gambling license from the local gambling board is in place. No online casino yet enjoys this honor.

Is there such a thing as “Safe Online Casino Gambling”?

Is there such a thing as Safe Online Casino Gambling”? Yes – there is no need to worry when it comes to the safety as, with any internet banking transaction; these transactions are 128 bit encoded which prevents the information being stolen. You may also worry if you are in fact going to get paid, well the answer is YES, that normally is the case. Casinos are required to maintain a perfect payment record and because they have been around for long periods of time they really do honor their commitments. Should they not pay or be able to pay they are likely to lose their license. Some of the lesser know online casinos do make use of sub standard software and have little or no licensing. We do not recommend casinos such as these. Feel free to browse our listing of Online Casinos offering play in South African Rand’s to find yourself a reliable casino.

Our Beginners Guide recommends Silversands Online Casino
The Beginners Guide To Gambling Online recommends Silver Sands Casino...
Choices of software

Once you have decided at which Online Casino you wish to play. You need to decide if you wish to play in flash or if you want to download the software. Flash gives you the chance to access the casino from behind a firewall with ease. However when you download you are presented with more games and more options. In our opinion the best Flash Casino software comes from Playtech. Keep an eye out for the Playtech name in our reviews. Keep in mind that when downloading it can take time as they are relatively big files so a little time must be allowed for completion. At least 4 or 5 preloaded games come with the initial casino shell however, and while you are playing, others start to load in the background.

Don’t try to buck the system

Please do not try to open multiple accounts to get any freebie cash by using other names and not your real name as they will find out. This we can promise! We have found that when it comes to opening accounts it helps to save the details in a safe and secure place. I mean there are times when you clear cookies, and you just can’t remember your username or password. Your login information isn’t staring you in the face and this can be very frustrating. Important to keep in mind is that a period of FREE PLAY is catered for by all these casinos. This gives you time where you can familiarize yourself with the games and software.

Are they bucking the system?

One may think that the way in which it works is that somewhere in the back office some person sits letting his friends win at your expense! Well that is not the case. A non-human program known as Random Number Generator is what is used by these online casinos and even brick and mortar casinos. Simply put, you are busy using a program that will randomly give you results for any event, something not unlike a coin flip. Tails, Heads, Tails, Tails, well you get the idea. In order for the programs to produce fair and random results some well known Chartered Accountants have tested the programs. The only way to hope for the best is to make friends with support and get given a few free credits!

Some basic online casino hints

Should you need some support, take a look as each site does supply a toll free number. You are also able to get the support via live chat; these being popup window style, or you could simply mail them. In our experience we have found that support are very responsive and are willing to assist with any problems and are there to help.

Managing your Money

No Beginners Guide to Gambling would be complete without a warning. They call it a bank roll. It’s basically the money you can afford to lose. If your bank roll comprises of money you CAN’T afford to lose then you have a gambling problem! Manage your money carefully. For more information on Bankroll Management, read here.

There is no need for a night of best dress and make up. Simply put on your house clothes, comfy slippers, and start playing your choice of online casino games to your hearts content.

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