What’s the right kind of casino for you?

Have you ever wondered if maybe your choice of venue is the thing that’s holding you back? I mean, sure, maybe it’s all down to luck and the statistical chance of you winning a million playing slots is fairly minor. Or maybe it’s just that you’re going to the wrong place and the feng shui is all wrong, you really need to stop going to the big casino down the road and start chilling at home so you can play live casino games at home! Tenuous possibility? Perhaps! But let’s face it, you’re just here to see what the answer is so may as well have a bit of fun justifying it.

With a carefully calculated algorithm and by answering a few pertinent questions, we can narrow down your answers and tell you exactly where it is you need to go to play. OK, exactly is pushing it, we have a few suggestions of what will fit your personality best, whether you’re a thrill seeker or just someone who likes to live the high life, we have you covered. Just answer honestly and we’ll do the rest!

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