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Our online slots guide tells you that the most popular online casino games are the Slots, also known as Online Pokies (Australia) or Fruit Machines (UK). In the beginning, they were created to give the ladies out there something to do while the men played their blackjack or poker games. All too soon the casinos noticed that the game that captured the imagination did not feature cards, it featured reels, jackpots, and lovely ringing bells! Although the games were simple mechanical slot machines when they started out, today the slots are varied in style and complexity. More importantly they are no longer mechanical but rather ruled by a Random Number Generator which gives you the total random result you would consider to be fair. This digital nature has led to us now calling these games "video slots". The name is apt and well deserved. Besides the means to randomise the results, it is also now easier to create awesome themes and interesting games. You can layer your video slot, program features like wild symbols, free spins, and bonus rounds, plus you can certainly offer a huge variety of games as well. Being computer based has also led to the network jackpot with payouts making millionaires out of everyday people. We offer you this brief Online Slots Guide and trust it will help you in your decisions.

Different types of online slot machines

  1. The original 3 reel, 1 line machine. You continue to spin until you have 3 winning symbols in alignment. A table is set on the machine showing the payout.
  2. The 3 reel, 3 line slot. Extra Lines are purchased by more coins, i.e. the top and bottom lines thus giving you 3 chances at winning.
  3. The 3 reel, 5 line slot. You have the horizontal lines but now you can also be paid on the bottom left to top right and vice versa lines.
  4. The 5 reel slot with multiple paylines. Although these slots use up a lot of money, you tend to find many variations of “lines” with patterns like a zigzag shape, also giving a return. Big surprise wins are normally in order. Some of the slot machines have up to 243 paylines!
  5. Bonus round machines. These stem from a marraige of Las Vegas themes and Australian Pokie themes. A love of the free spins, scatters, bonus symbols, and more have created online slot machines that border on movie quality and certainly keep the player alert. With this type of slot machine you need to get a specific set of symbols and are then able to play the bonus game. This generally pays out handsomely. The bonus game feature is a newer innovation with the arrival of video slots. One of my favorites is the Fruit Frenzy Video Slot at Silver Sands where you get to shoot the fruit figure from a canon and win bonus points for successful target hits.
  6. Progressive Machines. These are your “millionaire” machines. These consist of a network of machines connected together, which contribute to the Jackpot prize. Take a look at the Progressive Jackpot we feature below.

Play the Gold Rally Progressive Video Slot

Play online slots at Golden Palace online Casino. Play Gold Rally Video slots

The casinos that we feature on this site are focused on the players’ enjoyment and offer a good variety of unique slot machines.

Online Slots Strategies

With regards to an online slots guide, one of the first things needed is money or bankroll management. Before going out gambling one needs to determine what they are prepared to spend, then do so accordingly. For example assume that you play at 10 spins per minute at 3 coins per spin with a return of 95%

  • 10c gives you a spend rate of R9 per hour
  • 50c gives you a spend rate of R50 per hour
  • R1 gives you a spend rate of R100 per hour
  • R5 gives you a spend rate of R500 per hour

In terms of the above table, if you are staying for an hour but only have R100, then playing the R1 machine gives you the best chance without you going broke within the first few minutes of your stay.

When you go out playing, you want to win either a progressive jackpot or similar “big payout”. Walk away as a winner and cash out when you get your big win. You don’t stick around and have “just one more spin” and lose everything, once your budget has been reached walk away and play no more.

To start with, play the “flat rate” machines and only then move onto your higher paying, meatier and higher risk machines. This is what we would suggest as a base strategy.

Another of our suggestions is to play through to a max barrier, example R100 and once reached cash out the winnings. From then only, move onto your more progressive type machines.

Have a look at the pay tables, a “Jackpot” doesn’t grow on a 1, 2, 3 basis, it’s more along the lines of 1, 2, plenty. Just imagine how disappointed you would be if you hit three 7’s but were only using one coin, therefore remember the golden rule, is to play the maximum coinage.

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