Sports Betting

Sports Betting opens up possibly one of the largest slices of the pie in the gambling industry. Just about every sport played worldwide can be bet on, but the most popular sports are Rugby, Cricket, Soccer and Horse Racing. But that’s not all! Did you know you can bet on chess tournaments? Everything from Darts and Motor Racing to Handball or Golf. Whatever takes your fancy it can be found on our favorite partner websites. If sports betting is your thing, be sure to visit one of our partners.

Which Sports Betting site?

Best Online Sports Betting site in South African Rands

There are many factors that determine where you decided to play. The obvious factor is currency, does the sportsbook offer the games in your currency. You will also find that many sportsbooks cover international events like Rugby World Cup and so forth but don’t cover your regional games. That is why we recommend a Sportsbook that transacts in South African Rands, is South African owned, and covers all your favourite South African sports betting events. Click here to visit Sportsbet and get R100 free!

Sports Betting Systems

Sports Betting systems can be a bit deceiving and confusing, but these systems are worked out purely on statistics and the probability of a team or individual player winning or losing based on previous performances by that team or player. There are two different types of Betting Systems.

  • The first is Regression Analysis. In Regression Analysis, all the important variables that affect the event or the outcome thereof are taken into account using a multivariate linear regression model. Each sport event is crammed with many variables and each variable is considered and analysed as to how much this would affect the game. Needless to say this system is incredibly difficult because of the linear regression system that is used which determines the causation vs correlation.
  • The other Betting System that is used is Statistical Anomalies. This is by far the easier method as this method actually looks at the team or player and the strength thereof. It looks at the amount of times the team or player has won, what their strengths and weaknesses are, how many injuries they have had in the past, do they perform better indoors or outdoors, their performance playing away from home or their performance playing at home. In this method everything is taken into account and then the probability of this team or player winning is decided on.

Some systems have a short life span, which are called trends and some systems only apply to a single event which is called an angle. In any one particular game you can have trends working together with angles, and sometimes various systems or angles can all be used in one game which means that all of these also have to be taken into consideration.

Sportsbooks use the Regression Analysis system, the Statistical Anomalies system plus the trend and the angles to try and set odds that are accurate and precise, but as we all know, no event can be totally predicted. Online Gamblers themselves sometimes wear their heart on their sleeves, allowing team loyalties to cloud their judgement but, in general, most gamblers will play according to the odds and the probability of the outcome of an event.

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