Poker Hand Rankings

Our listing of the different poker hand rankings and their order of importance. Sure, the seasoned veteran will know the poker hands but there will always be someone just starting out on their own poker adventure.

It is important to note that for the most part, the ranking of the hands is the same for all games. With a game like Omaha where you might be playing for the low hand, the better hand would be a low straight rather than a high straight. That type of exception is however built into the game rules and obvious to the player.

Learn these poker hands and they will hold you in good stead, even if you are playing video poker (sometimes referred to as casino poker). You are always going to search for that elusive Royal Flush so good luck and enjoy the journey ahead.

The Royal Flush

Royal Flush - the best of the poker hands
  • The Royal Flush is an Aces High Straight Flush

The Straight Flush

The Straight Flush
  • The Straight Flush is 5 cards of the same suite in sequence

The Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind
  • Four cards of the exact same value like 4 Nines in the example above

The Full House

The Full House
  • Three cards of one value and two cards of one value

The Flush

The Flush
  • Five cards of the same suite but not in sequence

The Straight

The Straight
  • Five cards in sequence but not of the same suite

The Three of a Kind

Three of a kind
  • Three cards of the exact same value

The Two Pairs

Two Pairs
  • Two cards of the same value and another two cards of the same value

The Pair

The Pair
  • Two cards of the same value

The High Card

The High Card
  • If no pair or better is dealt then the hand with the highest value card wins (Ace is strongest and Two is weakest)

Breaking a Tie

  • In the event of a tie (any tie) the higher value card will prevail.
  • If both players had 2 sixes and 2 sevens, the the remaining card (the kicker) would rule the winner.

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