Top Online Slot Games To Play In 2019

As the years go on the online slot industry just gets better and better, there is absolutely no denying that. Especially not when you take a look at some of the incredible titles being churned out these days by the likes of NetEnt or Yggdrasil, playable at sites such as Thor Slots. The stats speak for themselves, in little over a decade the online casino market has grown to an enormous size, and it is all because of the immense work done by developers across the world.

Where the slots of 10 years ago were, by and large, still fairly rudimentary in terms of narrative scope, gameplay and graphics, these days most examples on the market are absolutely scintillating. Indeed, there is so much choice in 2019 that it can actually be a mission in itself to find the perfect game to play. Sounds like a top online slot games to play in 2019 article is in order doesn’t it? Well don’t mind if we do.

Well Of Wonders

Although Well Of Wonders isn’t quite as new as some of the other examples we are going to give, it is so innovative that it could well be an example of what online slots will look like in the year 2020. Whilst the vast majority of titles operate on a format that includes a certain number of reels and pay lines, this is not the case during Well Of Wonders. Instead the symbols float mysteriously out of the magical well that the game gets its name from.

If you are growing a bit tired of the standard online slot format this is most certainly the game for you. Developed by the renowned Thunderkick, it is a game that at once proves to be an insane amount of fun, whilst also really rather lucrative indeed. What more do you want?

Queen’s Day Tilt

One of the newer games to appear in 2019, Queen’s Day Tilt is a modern iteration of a Las Vegas classic and is therefore drenched in the kind of nostalgia only old-school slots can deliver. Play’N’Go offer their typically smooth and clear visuals here, as well as the chance to win up to 5000x your initial bet. Cannot go wrong with that.

Scudamore’s Super Stakes

For any horse racing aficionados, Scudamore’s Super Stakes is definitely a title to look out for. It also takes the legendary Peter Scudamore as one of its main influences, complete with sound bites from the man himself. The RTP is a pretty impressive 96.99%, which means you could be winning some serious cash in no time at all. Scudamore’s Super Stakes is developed by the critically acclaimed Swedish developers NetEnt, so you also know there’s no chance of the game falling up short of expectations.

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