Interesting Facts About Gambling Movies

Gambling is an ancient practice. Wagering and betting have now become a huge part of daily life and a big industry that rakes in millions of dollars every year. In fact, their popularity in recent times has even crept into the movie scene, with many Hollywood movies revolving around this addictive practice.

The team behind CasinoSites is not only about online casinos. In fact, the have made an interesting infographic explaining some mind-blowing facts about gambling movies you probably didn’t know.

You will see there that the ROI Hollywood gets from gambling-related movies is usually very high compared to other genres. For instance, the production of the popular 2006 movie Casino Royale cost about $150 million. Guess what? The box office income was nearly $600 million.

On average, Hollywood gets over 50% of ROI on most of the gambling-related movies. These movies always seem to appeal to viewers, with titles like Ocean’s Eleven and The Hangover earning rave reviews from fans.

Additionally, these movies are always centered around Las Vegas. Vegas is known to be the gambling capital of the US due to its high number of casinos and betting places. In fact, over 250 movies have been filmed in this city over the past seven years. From Ocean’s Eleven, The Hangover, and The Swingers, to Diamonds Are Forever and Viva Las Vegas.

Perhaps you didn’t know that gambling movies sometimes affect the real-life image of the gambling practice. Some of them will glorify it while others will shoot it down with the plot.

For instance, the movies Mafia and Croupier created the impression that gamblers are suckers. Also, Shade and Lucky Numbers made people believe that gamblers are cheaters. Casino and The Godfather, on the other hand, created the impression that organized criminals run the gambling scene.

Each of these stories was told from a unique viewpoint, with different storytelling technique used to capture the imagination of viewers.

The gambling issue has been a serious debate in the US for decades because of its addictive nature. It is discouraged in many parts of the world, but films like Rain Man and Mafia show us that not everything is negative when it comes to money wagering.

These movies have played a huge part in educating people about gambling. With the humor and educational content they bring, gambling movies will always be a fan favorite.

Check out the infographic below for more facts you didn’t know about the gambling movies.

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