The History of Roulette

Have you ever been enjoying a game of Betfair roulette and wondered where, exactly, the game had come from? It’s easier to imagine how card games and the like cropped up, once you have cards and enough time you’ll come up with different ways to play with them.

But the roulette wheel is such a precise device, intended for use only in one game, how did it come about? Well, the best we can tell, it was designed as a combination of a lottery selecting game called Biribi where you bet on a single number and a gaming wheel. And the first combination of these two is also believed to have been invented by the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal!

Although, he was attempting to create a perpetual motion device, he probably wasn’t expecting it to take off the way it did. Because it did indeed take off as a means to place truly randomised bets and was seen in various casinos and parlours as far as the Palais Royal!

The game itself was popular but the very first mention we have for it is a ban notice in Canada, so while it was loved by gamblers it wasn’t without its opponents. For a quick walkthrough the fascinating history of the game, read on!

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