High Five Slot

High Five Slot – The Most Popular and Highly Rewarding Casino Game

This is arguably one of the Casino Online games that aremost popular in Portugal online casino. It has exciting features which includes multipliers, wildsand coin options. This game has an interesting format in that you can play 4, 6 or 9 different slots atonce increasing your chances of winning $75,000.

The theme of high five slots is characterized by reel icons, color palettes and individual designelements. There is a trio of buttons near the bottom that gives the players the chance of selecting 4,6 or 9 games in each play which is automatically followed by a screen update. To view the paytable, you have to press a button because of the multi-slot layout. The pay table displays thedifferent reel icons, their corresponding rewards and more significantly the impact on payoutsresulting from using varying numbers of coins.

Betting Options

Players in this casinoonline game can choose to bet anything between 0.10 to $5 per coin. The betting range that this creates when multiplied by the various slot options is between 0.40 to $135. This betting range is usually displayed above the bet max button.

The High Five slot game has an expert modewhich has an automatic play feature. Before you spin the reels, you first choose the number of slots,number of coins and the coin value. Players are advised to choose carefully because of the multi-slot nature of the game.

High 5 Slot Features

The outstanding feature of the high 5 slot game is the cherry icon and the High 5 icon. The cherryicon refers to the feature that pays out a prize provided it appears at a position on the pay line. Thehigh five icons on the other hand plays just like a wild. It multiplies wins gained by a factor of fivewhen one icon used to complete the winning payout. In the event two high 5 icons are used on the pay line, the wins are multiplied by a factor of 25. This combined makes the high 5 icon the mostoutstanding wild feature in terms of generosity.

Playing 9 high 5 slots at one go is incredible for most casino Portugal players especially theexperienced ones. For the amateurs however and mostly those new to the game of slots, it isrecommended that you start with a single high 5 slot then progress top 4, 6 and 9 gradually. You canalso seize free play opportunities at the many Microgaming casinos.

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