Slot Game Bonus Features

All you need to know about slot game bonus features

Over a century has passed since Charles Fey, the celebrated inventor from San Francisco, created the Liberty Bell. It was the first slot machine in history and started a worldwide love of slots.

Whilst this love lives on, a lot has changed since Fey’s time. Today’s biggest and best selection of slots is to be found online. Indeed, millions of us are now enjoying hundreds and hundreds of slot titles at sites like bgo slots. Modern players can spin on their smartphone or right from the comfort of home; they can play all the popular classics, like Cleopatra, Starburst and Rainbow Riches, and benefit from a constant stream of hot new slot releases too. Gaelic Luck, Hotline and Magi Wilds are just a few recent additions to the market that have been causing excitement amongst players.

One of the biggest things which makes today’s online slots so impressive, however, is not the sheer volume of games on offer – it’s the presence of innovative in-game bonus features.
Whilst gamblers used to do little more than pull a lever to make the Liberty Bell’s mechanical reels spin, players now benefit from bonuses like special symbols and mini-game rounds. These kinds of extras are specifically-designed to make the slot player’s experience more entertaining – not to mention far more rewarding.

If you’re relatively new to the online casino scene, we’d recommend getting familiar with some of the most common bonus features in today’s slot games. Firstly, this will make you better equipped to pick the best slot games to play, because you’ll know the kinds of things to look out for in game descriptions. Secondly, it’ll help you make the most of the features when you do come across them whilst spinning.

Have a look at our handy guide below. It’ll get you up to speed with the basics.

slot game bonus features

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