Fun in the Sun at your favourite spot

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fun in the Sun at your favourite spot

Another day of fun in the Sun at your favourite spot – Springbok Online Casino. Get comfy as we introduce you to Real Time Gamings Fish Catch.

Fish Catch is not the run of the mill Video Slot, it is a multi-player shooting game where you the player gets to pick his/her fishing spot and compete with rival anglers. Instead of spinning reels, you will be shooting guns in an underwater world for big catches and wins. While on the hunt for the Mermaid you may also get to spin the Roulette.

Real Time Gamings Fish Catch Features

There are four areas available for play and up to four players can play Fish Catch at the same time in this ocean. Players also have the option to choose among 20 Fish species where every Fish has a different value. However be careful when choosing your weapons – choosing the right one could yield some great dividends.

There are five types of Guns players will use when shooting at the Fish. Every Gun has a different firepower and every Gun comes with a different multiplier. This is applied to a win when the Fish is destroyed. Depending on the Fish, players will have to use several shots to bring them down in order to get a win. Once the Fish loses all strength, the net will go around it and players receive their payout. There is also the Mermaid’s Luck feature, which is triggered randomly, and once it starts, the Roulette will spin and add some sweet winnings to your catch.

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